Tfm Tv Live From Senegal

Tfm Tv Live From Senegal

Tfm Sénégal en Direct TFM is Senegal's exclusive TV channel.Owned by Senegalese artist Youssou N Dour, who possesses a noteworthy media gather in Dakar.


Initially propelled as Great North Radio by Metropolitan Broadcasting or The Metro Radio gathering as it was known in March, 1989. The station communicates on the old Radio Tees AM recurrence of 1170 kHz Medium Wave. 

Tom Davies was the primary ever voice heard on the re-propelled enchantment 1170 and effectively facilitated the breakfast appear on the station for various years. 

In December 2001, EMAP concluded that it was more conservative for the Magic system to share off-pinnacle programs and in accordance with the other Magic AM stations started organizing between 10am-2pm, and 7pm-6am. Amid these hours it was essentially known as Magic, despite the fact that there were nearby business breaks, and neighborhood news on the hour. 

In January 2003 after a decrease  in listening,[citation needed] the station stopped systems administration with the London station, Magic 105.4, and a territorial system was made with Magic 1152 in Manchester at the center point at the end of the week and the Newcastle station of a similar name amid the week. Amid organized hours, neighborhood adverts are disclosed, and also a nearby news outline on the hour together with neighborhood activity and go toward the evening. 

From July 2006, all the more systems administration was presented over the Northern Magic AM system with just the weekday breakfast (with a running length of four hours) displayed from nearby studios. 

Between March 2013 and December 2014, weekday breakfast was a syndicated territorial program from Magic 1152 in Newcastle exhibited by Anna Foster.[1] On 5 April 2013, the studios in Thornaby stopped telecom neighborhood programming on sister station TFM.[2] 

On 5 January 2015, Magic 1170 was rebranded as TFM 2 as a major aspect of a patch up of the Bauer system and all writing computer programs is currently coordinates with the other Bauer AM stations in the North albeit neighborhood news, climate and travel keep on being communicate as select outs amid the day.

Tfm Tv Live From Senegal

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