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Overview & Description

Our site is a directory for reading the webradio and webTV content on internet.Notre site was created in 2009 is a website containing all the television and radio in the world, you can finally watch TV and listen to the radio any country from your computer at any time and at any time of the day regardless of where you are, and all for free, no need for TV card and any hardware, you simply need is an internet connection, you can see all the television channels and listen to live radio from all over the world info, music, entertainment, fashion, local tv channel on In no way do provided streaming feeds itself. This site has only been designed to allow the free consultation of live multimedia streaming on the web. Each work broadcast is the property of the author. The podcast link distributing these works participates in the regulation of their copyright.

Terms of use

The entire proposed multimedia content on the site is available without any obligation to purchase. The successful operation of this free service depends entirely on the availability of the media by their (s) author (s) and / or owner (s), as well as the material and technical configuration of the user. Furthermore, there is no way we can be attributed to temporary or permanent unavailability of part or all of this content. Therefore, no operating commitment can not be guaranteed. By using this site, you agree to the conditions described above. Otherwise, please do not use this online service. reserves the right to modify or withdraw all or part of these conditions, in its discretion and at any time.

Limitation of Liability

Each multimedia content, available from, is the result of a simple internet search. Therefore, this website only offers access to the media sleep and already accessible to all on the internet. However, the author or owner of any of these means of dissemination, retains the right to request the addition or removal of these works of our pages, by bringing justification by enamel. Here

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In order to finance our management fraits, accommodation and posting, is willing to display a number of sponsored links in the form of banner ads. Just as we can not commit ourselves to the accuracy of the ads of our sponsors, we could beings held responsible for the invalidity of the deals auquelles you could subscribe through them.


Also know that respects your privacy and does not collect any information or statistics users for personal purposes. However, some of our partners may have to use cookies in your browser, allowing them to study and analyze your interest for the content offered on our pages or external pages. Thus, the cookie (google.adsense) may be used by Google in ads on our site. The data collected by cookies helping publishers better manage and disseminate ads on their sites and across the Internet. For transparency and honesty with our users, we inform you of this fact, and give you the opportunity to control access this cookie or even disable it.