Lysefjord Webcam Live

Lysefjord Webcam Live

Lysefjord is a standout amongst the most amazing perspectives being 26 miles in length with precipices achieving very nearly 2000 feet along its length and its waterway profundity extending from 43 feet to 1,300 feet. Two essential towns set along the fjord Forsand, situated close to the main fjord crossing Lysefjord Bridge, and Lysebotn. In the middle of these two towns are a few little settlements that are just open by means of vessel along the stream front. 

The two primary vacation destinations incorporate Preikestolen Cliff which achieves 1,982 feet and Kjerag mountain which achieves 3,640 feet. In view of its noteworthy straight down precipices, Lysefjord offers an incredible place for base bouncing for adrenaline junkies and is legitimate in the area. 

The camera sits on the west side of the Lysefjord town and haphazardly changes its view to different territories around the town. Accessible day and night, a portion of the concentration focuses are closeups of different structures all through the town, perspectives of the town lanes, and a wide perspective of the fjord itself. On the left half of the camera encourage is the present climate and temperature data for the region also.

Lysefjord Webcam Live

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