Lake Baikal Webcam Live

Lake Baikal Webcam Live

Lake Baikal, as it's name suggests, can definitely be termed as a rich lake all thanks to the huge number of tourist who comes here to visit. This rift lake, located in Southern Siberia, is the biggest freshwater lake in the entire world. The lake is also home to more than 1000 species of plants and 2500 species of animals.

Underwater (5m)

This camera is located 5 meters (16 feet) giving you an amazing view of the aquatic wildlife that lives nearer to the surface. This is a very peaceful scene to watch as you observe the underwater world during the daylight hours. There is no view at night.

Underwater (200m)

Observe the deeper world of the Lake Baikal at 200 meters (656 feet) beneath its surface. This camera gives both day and night views and is focused on a very active area.

Dolgiy Island

All the beauty is not just located under the surface of this sight to see. Dolgiy Island's camera gives you an incredible view of the surface of the water. Watch as locate wild birds swoop down to divulge in the lakes abundant bounty.

Lake Baikal Webcam Live

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