Brasstown Bald Mountain Webcam Live

Brasstown Bald Mountain Webcam Live

Situated in the Appalachian Mountains in Blairsville, Georgia, the Brasstown Bald Mountain is a dunite and soapstone mountain ignoring the wonderful blue edge mountain region of upper east Georgia. Initially named Enotah by the Cherokee Indians, this mountain traverses between Blairsville, Georgia and Brasstown, North Carolina. 

North Cam 

The North camera moves at a 180 point checking the northern range giving you a lovely perspective of the mountainside. You get a dream of rich green woods of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Out yonder, you can see the South Carolina town of Brasstown. 

South Cam 

The South camera additionally moves at a 180 edge filtering the southern area around the mountainside. Pictures of Blairsville in Georgia can be found in this live encourage.

Brasstown Bald Mountain Webcam Live

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